July 21-23, 2018, Warrior Sailors completed their first major offshore race on Warrior 53 in the 110th Chicago to Mackinac Race hosted by the Chicago Yacht Club.

The group braved out 333 miles or 289 nm on the rough waters of Lake Michigan in their first offshore race in the oldest and longest race in freshwater. The race was almost entirely upwind in 25 knots or more of breeze through unpredictable lake waves. With  almost ⅓ of this year’s competitors retiring from the race due to the harsh condition, our Warriors faced a true test of endurance. They achieved 9th place in their class and 35th of 102 overall. They performed beautifully over the 46 hours and arrived safely with no boat damage.

Warriors said they “felt honored, encouraged, and inspired just to be participating and also meeting the professional crew of 2 other Sailing Foundation boats.” For them, being in the competition was already winning.

Before leaving Chicago, Warriors raised awareness for the program in several yacht clubs and also made the Chicago WOOD TV8 news here.