Our Fleet

This is a list of boats in our fleet that are available for sponsorship during an event, regatta or cruising adventure. Do you have an idea to use one of the boats for training or maritime education? Let us know.
Vessel NameMake, ModelYearLengthSail or PowerPhotoMore Information
TortugaPoolle Chaffee198098'PowerEmail Us
MetoliusFrers 84199284'SailEmail Us
Bella PitaMaxi Dolphin200875'SailEmail Us
TrebuchetSTP200869'SailEmail Us
WarriorV 70 Canting Keel201070'SailEmail Us
AlchemyDencho Marine 68200368'SailEmail Us
AudreyLittle Harbor 62198162'SailEmail Us
CloverleafKrogen Trawler55.5'PowerEmail Us
OrioleS&S Classic Daysailor201048'SailEmail Us
FOMOCK4040'SailEmail Us
CarbonaraMC3838'SailEmail Us
Tito's RibFlexboat 7602008/201327'PowerEmail Us
Warrior RibFlexboat 550201418'2"PowerEmail Us
Rambler RibNautica 332007/201433'PowerEmail Us
High NoonTripp 4141'SailEmail Us
VertiasBlackwell Express 352008/201335'SailPhoto Coming SoonEmail Us
Decision TenderStingray 242011/201624'PowerEmail Us
TyrantN/M 43199442'9"SailPhoto Coming SoonEmail Us

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