Vessel Donations Overview

The USMMA Sailing Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 public foundation. Its mission is to actively solicit the donation of vessels to be used in various maritime programs for education and training. Vessel donations from generous supporters allow these maritime training and education programs to succeed.

Vessel Donations | Sailing Foundation


Vessel donations from supporters like yourself provide a platform for marine education and training. We work with you to ensure a smooth donation process.


Vessel donations are used by strategic partners for education and training programs. Organizations that benefit include Warrior Sailing, the New York Harbor School, and the US Merchant Marine Academy.


Vessel donations are eventually sold to provide funding for maintaining current assets and to expand outreach and impact. This cycle allows for financial support of strategic partners, while creating a path for vessel replacement.

If you are interested in learning more about the vessel donation program, please reach out to the USMMA Sailing Foundation. To see more of our program in action follow us on social media or signup to receive our email newsletter updates. Our experience on and off the water have strengthened our ability to handle donations of any size, from small powerboats on up to 100+ foot sailing yachts. Donors can rest assured knowing their former vessel is in good hands making a positive impact on those it helps.

For those looking to learn more about some of the vessels currently in our fleet, take a moment to explore our fleet. There you can see how vessels are utilized or what vessels are available for sale. Likewise, you can find out what vessels are available for organizational use. If you have a partner organization you think could benefit from vessel donations, please don’t hesitate to introduce us.