Anyone who has spent time with Ralf Steitz knows that he is not only a visionary but the guy that can make that vision happen. Lately, he has his sights set on developing an all youth team for the 2019 TransAtlantic Race. But he is not doing this alone. Ralf has teamed up with Peter Becker and Young America. Becker of the American Yacht Club sailed on Foundation boat High Noon. Here is Peter’s perspective of junior big boat sailing, courtesy of AYC.

“On a big boat, success and safety are a bit about leadership, but a lot about teamwork,” said Becker, who was part of a ten-person team on High Noon, seven of which were juniors. “Young people learning how to operate effectively as a team will take away many lessons about how to succeed in a corporate environment, or just in life in general. There’s a lot of conversation these days about how we create sailors for life, and I’m a big believer that sailing on big boats can do that. You can race, cruise, go across oceans or just day-sail on big boats.”

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