For the past six years, the USMMA Sailing Foundation has been financially backing the Warrior Sailing program’s administrative expenses and operations. The boat donation program operated by the Sailing Foundation has been offering vessels for use to Warrior Sailing, while also providing funding support to offset any expenses that private donations don’t cover.

Special Thank you to Ralf Steitz, Larry Larsen, and the USMMA Sailing Foundation board for their continued support of Warrior Sailing.

The Sailing Foundation has been searching for a headquarters to operate and store vessels belonging to the boat donation program.  Port Royal is a small waterfront community located between Beaufort, SC and Hilton Head, SC.  The town has been transforming over the past 4 years as they embark on a large waterfront development project.  The project development group has opened their doors to The Sailing Foundation and Warrior Sailing.  The town has embraced the initiatives of the program, and are in the midst of a development agreement with the Sailing Foundation to host the vessels and Warrior Sailing as official partners.

By supporting the boat donation program and it’s storage needs, Warrior Sailing and other maritime education and training programs will benefit!